Compliance on the go!  Video Training Books is the newest and easiest way to train new, contract, mobile or temporary workers.

Recently introduced by JJ Keller®, the Video Training Book lets your employees learn on the go – without having to wait for internet connection or a classroom. This portable training format makes training as accessible as possible and is ideal for those who regularly hire new or temporary workers and need to ensure they are properly trained.

What is a Video Training Book?

The Video Training Book, from JJ Keller, is a portable training format with 7” video screen that goes wherever your employees need to learn – making it easier for you to ensure they are properly trained and in compliance.

The Video Training Book is an 8” x 9” hard cover “book” with a 7” LCD screen. Each book also comes with:

• Employee handbook
• Quizzes and answer key
• Training log
• Earbuds
• AC adapter

Recognized for its ability to improve workplace safety, the Video Book was named a 2016 New Product of the Year by Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) magazine.

RYDER Fleet Products now offers the following three popular driver training topics in Video Book format. Plus they qualify for FREE standard ground shipping! 

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Free Automotive Tools – with our BOGO Promos!


Whether you are a Diesel Technician, Auto Mechanic, or a DIYer, RYDER® Fleet Products can help you stock your toolbox faster, easier and sometimes even free!

Look for our “Stock Your Toolbox” icon on our blogs (or choose “Stock your Toolbox” under our blog categories) to view all of our tool promotions. Check back often – sometimes there may be no current promotions; other times, there may be several!

Free Tools

Check-out our latest Free Automotive Tool offer:

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Irwin Extractor Set with FREE Vise Grip Locking Pliers Set

Free Tools

Save on tools wherever you see our “Stock Your Toolbox” icon on our blogs!

Save on tools wherever you see our “Stock Your Toolbox” icon! Let Ryder Fleet Products help you stock your toolbox faster, easier and sometimes free!

This latest promotion features two popular Irwin Tool Sets. Buy the Hanson® 48 piece Screw Extractor/Drill Master Extraction Set (HAN3101010), and receive the Vise-Grip 10 piece Locking Pliers Set FREE. (TOL VGP1078TRAY)

Expand your own toolbox or cross items off your holiday shopping list with RYDER® Fleet Product’s freebie offers. This offer good until November 30, 2016, or while supplies last. No promo code needed – your free item will automatically be sent  when you order the Irwin Extractor Set.

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New-Entrant Motor Carriers: Understanding the Requirements and Clearing the Hurdles

What is it?
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has special requirements for “new-entrant” motor carriers. A new-entrant motor carrier is subject to special roadside inspection monitoring and a “new-entrant safety audit, normally within the first 18 months of operation. The special monitoring continues until the carrier undergoes the safety audit or the 18 months have passed, whichever is later.

Who does this apply to?
A new-entrant motor carrier is a carrier that has been granted a new US DOT number or a carrier that has reapplied for a DOT number after being placed out of service by FMCSA. The carrier will be considered a new-entrant carrier until the special monitoring ends and the safety audit is passed.

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10 Ways to Fail a Brake Inspection


What common issues frequently result in failed brake inspections, out-of-service notices, or accumulation of CSA violation points? Does being issued a citation for a brake violation mean your vehicle is automatically placed out-of-service? Did you know that for vehicles placed Out-of-Service, nearly half are due to brake-related violations?

After reading this article, you will have a good understanding of what inspectors look for during a brake inspection as well as tips on what you, as a driver or technician, can do to help maintain a safe and compliant brake system.

Additionally, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) works to educate and remind fleets, drivers and technicians of the importance of properly installed and maintained brakes. Each year, they conduct an annual Brake Safety Week campaign. For 2016 this will be held during the week of September 11-17. Be prepared for commercial motor vehicle inspectors to be conducting brake system inspections on trucks and buses.

Citations and Out-of-Service Orders – What’s the Difference?

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USA Made Jacks – Safe, Smart and American Made

Ryder® Fleet Products offers a wide variety of professional lifting equipment and carry both imported models and made in the USA models. With the July 4th holidays just around the corner, we decided to feature our made in the USA Jacks this month.

We regularly receive calls from customers inquiring about certain features of a jack – such as its’ capacity,  its’ material,  its  compliance with ASME/PALD, etc. But another popular question we frequently here is “Is it made in the USA?”

The country of origin  is an important consideration for many, and especially for military and government organizations. Some companies specify that a certain percentage of their purchases be made in the USA and want to know which products meet the requirements of the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Other individuals, maintenance shops and fleets simply like to buy products made in America when they can.  We hope this guide will help with your choices of lifting equipment.

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Tire Pressure, Tire Tread and Overall Tire Safety – How to Prepare for Roadcheck 2016.


Roadcheck is an annual event sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), North America’s leading commercial vehicle enforcement organization. Within a 3-day period, 10,000 CVSA and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) inspectors conduct roadside inspections at more than 1,500 locations. The goal of this event is to increase safety and security on the highways and reduce the number of crashes involving commercial vehicles. The 2016 Annual Roadcheck event will take place June 7-9, 2016.

Each year, emphasis is placed on  a specific area of compliance and this year it is Tire Safety. This includes measuring the tire tread depth, checking tire pressure, checking to make sure that no items are lodged between dual tires, and inspecting the overall condition of the tire.

Having reliable tire safety tools in your vehicle makes it easy and inexpensive to check the health of your tires when traveling or performing pre-and post-trip driver inspections.

The vehicle inspection will also include checking items such as the braking system, cargo securement, coupling devices, exhaust systems, frame, fuel system, truck and trailer lighting, steering mechanism, driveline/driveshaft, suspension, wheels and rims, and windshield wipers.

All commercial motor vehicles (trucks, buses, and motor coaches), plus all CMV drivers of those vehicles, could be subject to a roadside inspection.

Aside from the obvious safety reasons, violations can affect your CSA scores. CSA measures safety performance by violations, and scores can be attached to either the driver, the company, or both. In order to get and keep a good CSA score, it is necessary to sharply reduce safety violations under CSA’s Vehicle Maintenance BASIC Category.

• Approximately 1000 vehicles were inspected every hour
• 82.5% of the vehicles passed the inspection
• 95% of the drivers passed the inspection
• The most common vehicle violation is trailer lighting. “Operating vehicle not having the required operator lamps”
• Other common vehicle violations were: Tire tread depth below 2/32, brake out of adjustment, oil or grease leak, brake hose not secured against damage, and  cargo securement.

To help prepare for the tire safety inspections that will be emphasized during this year’s inspection blitz, be sure to have a reliable tire pressure gauge and a tire tread depth gauge on hand.  Ryder Fleet Products carries high quality pencil type air gauges, digital tire pressure gauges, dial gauges, and tools to measure tire tread depth.

Download  the Tips for Avoiding Tire Violations pdf from International Roadcheck.

For additional training resources to help ensure your vehicles and drivers are prepared to pass a comprehensive inspection, such as Roadcheck 2016, we’ve gathered some of our top educational choices from safety expert J.J. Keller that can help you protect your safety reputation, CSA BASIC scores, and bottom line.


Roadside Inspections: A Driver’s Guide – DVD Training is specifically tailored for drivers and carriers to help them pass roadside inspections, and covers the following topics:
– Roadside inspections – who conducts them and why
– The Six Levels of Inspections
– How drivers should prepare for a roadside inspection
– How drivers should prepare their vehicles for a roadside inspection
– How drivers should conduct themselves during a roadside inspection
– CVSA out-of-service criteria
– Results and consequences of a failed roadside inspection

The CSA Handbook – A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers is the only handbook that covers all information CMV interstate truck and bus drivers need to operate successfully under CSA. Provides fingertip access to explanations of the seven BASICs, severity tables, and tips for avoiding the most common violations. Explains how to prepare for roadside inspections, rights during inspection, what not to do, and steps to take after inspection.

CSA Roadside Lighting Repair Kit No vehicle should be on the road without a quick and easy roadside repair kit. This kit includes what you need to get them back on the road with legal lamps as quickly as possible.


Are your vehicles inspection-ready? And your drivers, too? If not, either or both could be placed out of service. And that can lead to a multitude of negative consequences, including delayed shipments, lost revenue, a tarnished company image, loss of customers, DOT penalties, and a hit to your CSA BASIC scores.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts



Keep your fleet running smoothly with easy access to the same maintenance tested and road-proven heavy-duty aftermarket truck parts that Ryder uses on its own fleet. With over 80 years of experience maintaining the most reliable fleet in America, Ryder knows more about parts than anyone else.

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Free Sunex Tool Offers from Ryder Fleet Products.


Free Tools

Save on tools wherever you see our “Stock Your Toolbox” icon! Let Ryder Fleet Products help you stock your toolbox faster, easier and sometimes free!

Ring in 2016 with Ryder Fleet Products and a resolution to enjoy huge savings and great deals on these car, van, and truck jacks from Sunex.

The following offers are valid until February 29, 2016 or while supplies last.  No promo code needed. Free item will be automatically sent with your order.

Air Hydraulic Truck Jack – 22 Ton

Air Hydraulic Truck Jack - 22 Ton

Buy this 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Truck Jack  (SUN6722) and receive a 1″ Drive Impact Wrench with 6″ Extended Anvil FREE. (A $599.00 value!)

This air hydraulic jack from Sunex features a spring-less design which eliminates weathering and rusting of springs. Provides exceptional versatility with a minimum height of 8.9 and maximum height of 22.0. Three adapter sizes 0.8, 2.4, and 3.9


Telescoping Transmission Jack

Telescoping Transmission Jack

Looking for a great transmission jack that will handle all passenger car, van, and light truck automotive transmissions? This 1000 lb telescoping transmission jack has a capacity of 1,000 lbs and telescopic two-stage hydraulics for greater lift range, precise load control and rapid lift. The foot-operated pump means the technician is free to use both hands to align the saddle with the transmission. 

Buy this telescoping transmission jack (SUN7793B) and receive a FREE 1,500 lb. capacity Under Hoist Stand with Foot Pedal. (A $120.00 value!) Great for use when positioning exhaust pipes for replacement.


20 Ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack20 ton air hydraulic bottle jack Get a Pneumatic Shop Seat FREE ($75 value) when you purchase this 20 ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack (SUN4920CAH) from Ryder Fleet Products.

The Sunex 20 ton Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack can be operated either manually or pneumatically and features a two piece handle for easy pumping. Fitted with a safety valve so you don’t need to worry about overloading


In addition to these great promotional offers on Sunex car and truck jacks, Ryder Fleet Products also carries a wide selection of heavy duty lifting and hydraulic tools including bottle jacks, engine cranes, engine stands, jack stands, lifts, pallet jacks, service jacks, transmission jacks and transmission jack adapters, truck ramps,and wheel dollys.


Just order the product from our website and you will automatically be sent the free item as well as the item you ordered. No promo code or coupon code needed!


View our other current promotions on heavy duty tools.


Please feel free to share these “Stock Your Toolbox” offers with your social media friends, as well as with your co-workers, friends, and fellow drivers.

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Heavy duty truck parts promotions

Air Impact Wrench from Chicago Pneumatic. Buy 3, Get 1 FREE

Free Tools

Save on tools wherever you see our “Stock Your Toolbox” icon! Let Ryder Fleet Products help you stock your toolbox faster, easier and sometimes free!

Ring in 2016 with Ryder Fleet Products and a resolution to enjoy huge savings and great deals on an air impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic!

The following offer is a great opportunity to get a free 1/2″ drive heavy duty air impact wrench when you purchase three. Offer is valid until February 29, 2016 or while supplies last.  No promo code needed. Free item will be automatically sent with your order.

One of the most common tools found in an automotive repair shop, the air  impact wrench is used daily by technicians to easily remove stubborn or rusted bolts or to tighten them very tightly. They are also commonly used in manufacturing and construction.

Chicago Pneumatic works closely with the automotive industry to get to know the unique needs of maintaining car and truck fleets. They are known for making durable industrial user-friendly tools that provide you with ergonomics and safety features.

air impact wrench offer - buy 3, get 1 free

Air Impact Wrench – Chicago Pneumatic  (CPT734H)

If you’re a technician or fleet maintenance manager, you know that you can’t have too many Air Impact Wrenches around the shop. With this special offer, you’ll receive one FREE with the purchase of 3.

Buy three 1/2″ Drive Heavy Duty Air Impact Wrenches – Get one FREE

  • One handed reverse button with 4 positive power settings.
  • Compact and ergonomic with a comfortable, secure rubber grip
  • Features DYNA-PACT oil batch clutch – great for use on hard joints with smooth operation
  • Versatile – ideal for all general repairs and maintenance applications


You’ll also find many other Chicago Pneumatic tools available online from Ryder Fleet Products. These are the high quality tools automotive technicians prefer – offered at prices to help you lower overall running and operating costs.  Search our site for other Chicago Pneumatic tools including  heavy duty hammer kits, torque wrenches, air hammers, sander kits, angle grinders, air ratchets, and air drills.


Chicago Pneumatic Tools




As always, you can call our dedicated team of parts experts with any questions at (855) 885-5631. Or feel free to send us an email.


Please feel free to share these “Stock Your Toolbox” offers with your social media friends, as well as with your co-workers, friends, and fellow drivers.

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Save 10% on a TPMS this Holiday Season

tpms discount tire

This holiday season, enjoy a TPMS discount of 10% (with promo code TST10holiday) on a Truck System Technologies (TST) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Includes all TST products including TPMS systems for trucks and RVs as well as tire pressure sensors for existing systems, and repeaters (to ensure consistent reception on long vehicles) for trucking applications with 10 or more tires or an RV with a trailer.

Make your holiday travels safer by having the tire pressure and temperature automatically monitored as your drive. We all know how weather can greatly affect the pressure in your tires – hot temperatures can cause tires to overinflate; cold temperatures can cause them to dangerously deflate. Deflated (or soft) tires force a vehicle to work harder which causes extra wear and tear and reduces fuel economy. Underinflated tires can also affect your Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) or Traction Control Systems (TCS).

Trailer Life Readers Choice AwardsTST is a leader in truck and RV tire pressure monitoring systems and were awarded the 2015 Reader’s Choice Award by Trailer Life Magazine. Trailer Life covers recreational vehicles, tow vehicles and everything that goes with them. The annual Readers’ Choice Awards honors products that RVers choose as their favorites.

To receive your TPMS 10% discount, enter promo code TST10holiday at checkout. Offer good until December 31, 2015.

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Shop for a Truck Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Shop Tire Pressure Sensor and Repeaters