6 Essential Tips for Trucks in the Winter

Use these tips to help your fleet survive the cold this winter:
  • Plug in the engine block heater on all diesel trucks every night even when the temperature feels warm. Temperatures can drop dramatically overnight at this time of year.  Time is the enemy. The longer a truck sits, the more crucial it is to plug it in!
  • Avoid cold soaks. Cold soaks occur when the engine fluids and the steel of the engine block drop to ambient temperatures. When a vehicle sits for more than a day, cold soaks are likely. This puts extra strain on the batteries and starting and charging systems.
  • Be sure the vehicle is at normal operating temperature when you plug in your block heater. Block heaters maintain temperature; they are not designed to heat the coolant from ambient temperatures.
  •  If you fuel at Ryder locations, your fuel is blended correctly for the temperature at that time of year and a cloud point additive is included. If you fuel at locations other than Ryder, be sure to get a correctly blended fuel with a cloud point additive to prevent fuel filter waxing.
  •  If you fuel at Ryder Locations, we check your tires each time we fuel you. If you fuel elsewhere, check your tires often. With freezing temperatures comes slippery driving conditions and correctly inflated tires in good condition prevent breakdowns and accidents.
  • Be sure to have your drivers pre-trip their trucks daily and report on any problems they have with safety, starting and charging, fuel or heater defroster related problems.  The sooner you address these problems, the more safe and trouble free your operation becomes.

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