10 Safe Driving Tips for Cold Winter Weather

We want to make sure you’re prepared this season when things start to freeze.  To ensure a safe and productive winter, follow these simple, yet essential winter driving tips.

  • Compensate for poor traction by increasing following distance, slowing down, and making all movements gently.
  • Check for ice by feeling the back of your mirror and watching the spray off tires.
  • Get in the habit of easing up on bridges.
  • Try to build as much separation between you and other vehicles. Avoid driving in packs.
  • The road may be slickest during the first few minutes of rain.
  • In a skid:
    • Depress the clutch fast;
    • Look at the left mirror only;
    • Steer and counter-steer as fast as you can to get back in front of the trailer;
    • Keep fighting it.
  • Watch for melting or hard-packed snow and strong side winds.
  • Watch for the trailer pushing you on curves and turns.
  • Remember: don’t ask your unit to do more than it can.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable driving, Park it. Period.
From all of us here at Ryder Fleet Products, stay safe this winter! We welcome you to share your winter driving tips with us.

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