Extend Tire Life By Replacing Shock Absorbers

The cost of replacing tires on any size truck generally tends to be higher than any other part that needs replacing.  While checking tire pressure and alignment on a frequent preventative maintenance basis is a good practice, it’s important to make note of another tire preventative maintenance procedure – replacing shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers that are considerably worn tend to cause vehicles to bounce excessively and this in turn can cause premature wear on your tires.  If you’re driving your truck on a bumpy road, the worn shocks on your vehicle can cause the weight on your tires to fluctuate anywhere from less than a thousand pounds to several times that load.  And, if you’re driving on the highway, this fluctuation can happen close to a 100 times per minute according to Reagan Industries.

shock absorbers

Once your tire starts to show signs of premature or irregular wear caused by worn shocks, the irregularity will continue despite replacing your worn shocks, and this in turn can lead to a considerably shortened life of your tire.

It’s important to note that when a new tire is installed, your shock absorber may appear to be in working condition, however, according to Reagan Industries, “if it has been run over 150,000 miles, it will have stroked over 30 million times.”  Since shocks slowly lose their ability to dampen over time, it’s very likely that your shocks will cause excessive bounce leading to excessive tire wear.

So the next time you bring your vehicle in for tire preventative maintenance, be sure to consider changing your shocks before they go bad – remember, shocks replaced at the time of tire replacement can lead to savings that are far greater than the added preventative maintenance costs.

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