11 Steps to a Clean Vehicle Inspection

CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability) is a new motor carrier program in effect that changes the way truck fleets and drivers are measured for safety performance. Safety accountability falls heavily on truck drivers under the CSA. Now, every driver violation and vehicle violation will not only be counted toward the motor carrier’s safety score but may also become part of the driver’s safety history.

Driver profiles will now be tracked in a database called the Driver Safety Measurement System (DSMS) which evaluates drivers’ roadside performance over a three year period. This guide will help drivers avoid equipment violations on roadside inspections and receive a “clean vehicle” inspection.clean vehicle inspections

Step 1 – Engine
Look for leaks, belts, hoses, steering linkage, leaf springs, hangers, shocks, inside/outside of tires and rims, lugs, wheel seals, brake drums

Steps 2 & 4 – Sides of cab
Mirrors, battery box, fuel tank, turn signals, reflectors

Step 3 – Front of cab
Clearance lights, head lights, 4 way, license plate, wipers, windshield, registration, inspection

Step 5 – Rear of tractor
Airlines, electrical lines, cat walk, exhaust, muffler

Step 6 & 10- Coupling system of tractor
Fifth wheel components, drive tires, rims, lugs, mud flaps, king pin, lights – tail, stop, turn

Step 7 & 9 – Sides of trailer
Lights, reflectors, landing gear, suspension, airlines, body mounts, tires, rims, lugs, brakes, wheel seals, exhaust

Step 8 – Rear of truck/trailer
Tail lights, stop lights, turn lights, mud flaps, license plate and light, ICC bumper, door latch

Step 11 – Inside of cab
Horns, extinguisher, reflective triangles, seatbelt, registration, paperwork

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