The Benefits of Long Life Light Bulbs

Long life light bulbs offer a number of benefits for you and your truck:  

  • Double or triple the life of a standard bulb
  • Prevent the waste of discarded units
  • Reduce the labor cost and downtime from changing bulbs more frequently
  • Minimize CSA violations from lighting defects   

Standard Bulbs vs. Long Life Bulbs

Let’s take a look at the 194 miniature lamp from CEC Industries as an example. This standard bulb is rated at 2,500 hours of life based on static testing done in a test laboratory. (The rating is determined by SAE specification on that particular lamp.) On the other hand, the CEC Industries 194LL, which is the long life version of that particular bulb, is rated at 5,000 hours of life – or twice that of the standard 194. 

Long Life Light Bulbs for trucksLong life light bulbs can also help minimize CSA violations related to lighting defects.  With bulbs that last longer, the chances of having an inoperative bulb are lower. So in the event of a common roadside inspection, you’re less likely to be in violation for a lighting issue. 

Long Life Light Bulb Suppliers

Keep in mind that not all lamps are manufactured in a long life version, so be sure to check whether your sealed beam or miniature lamp has a version with a higher rated life available. Switching to long life light bulbs is an easy switch that can make a big impact in lighting maintenance for your fleet.

Ryder Fleet Products carries premium-quality long life lamps from various leading suppliers including CEC Industries, Sylvania, GE Lighting, and more.

Leave us a comment if you’ve made the switch to long life light bulbs!

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