Workplace Eye Protection Safety Tips

Workplace eye injuries cost American companies over $300 million per year due to lost productivity, health expenses and worker compensation. However, armed with proper awareness and equipment, companies can integrate eye protection safety into their workplaces, which is beneficial to both the workers and the company’s bottom line.


  • The simple negligible act of failing to wear eye protection is a huge contributor to overall eye injury statistics. 
  • Wearing the wrong or incomplete eye protection accounts for 40% of injured workers, according to OSHA. These incidents included workers who were wearing protective glasses without side shields.
  • Although the potential for eye injuries are present in virtually every workforce or industry, workplace eye injuries most often occur in craft and construction work or during the operation of industrial equipment.
  • Flying particles, swinging objects and chemicals are the top materials responsible for eye injuries.


  • Wear eye protection: Although this seems obvious, many of the employee injuries that happen every day can easily be prevented by wearing safety eyewearproper protective devices. 
  • Protective eye wear maintenance: Accidents can frequently be attributed to damaged eye protection devices. You should regularly check for scratches and clean devices to eliminate possible glare and reduced vision areas, which can both be contributing factors in accidents.
  • Awareness: Keeping a high level of general observation and situational awareness can help lower the amount of possible workplace incidents.

What are some ways your company prevents eye injuries?

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