8 Ways to Maintain Fleet Truck Lighting

  1. Besides the safety benefits of having clean lights that increase your truck’s visibility, cleaning your lights can keep them cool, leading to overall longer-lasting fleet truck lighting. Dirt on lenses results in a build-up of heat, which could have the opposite effect.
  2. Regularly lubricate sockets, pigtails, battery terminals and connections with a “non-conductive” anti-corrosion compound.  Make sure you don’t use sodium-based greases. This will help encapsulate the system and prevent corrosion by water. 
  3. Inspect the grommets that house the lamps for signs of deterioration from sunlight, ozone and chemicals. New grommets not only restore shock protection but improve security and overall appearance. 
  4. Check for improper ground connections that can cause lamp failure, oftentimes when the trailer is used for a ground. The connection must be clean when lamps are grounded through lamp housing and a fifth wheel ground strap can be utilized for extra protection on the chassis ground system.
  5. Wiring and harnesses need to be on the underside of top frame members, rather than the bottom where dirt and water can accumulate. 
  6. For older model trucks, you should always avoid cranking the truck when the lights or any accessories are turned on. 
  7. Melted lenses can result from leaving clearance and/or hazard lights on when a truck is parked against a dock.
  8. Conserve lighting use whenever possible and try to focus on decreasing the overall use of power; voltage surges can be very damaging to lighting and wiring.

 What are some steps you regularly take to extend the life of your fleet truck lighting?

Information provided by Grote Industries.

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