6 Energy Saving Tips for Vehicle Maintenance Shops

Leveraging energy conservation tactics for your business is always a win-win situation: Reduce utility costs and boost your bottom line, while also improving the environment and giving you a reputation for sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.

Vehicle maintenance shops spend a significant amount of money every year on utilities for lighting, heating, air conditioning, electronics, equipment and water. Shop owners who optimize the following tips can expect to spend less on these resources and receive better return on their environmentally-friendly energy saving efforts. 

      1. Energy Efficient Lighting
        Replace incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs.) This type of lightbulb is extremely energy efficient, consuming 75% less than incandescent bulbs, while lasting up to 10 times longer! This boost in energy efficiency can result in $30 in energy savings for the bulb’s life-cycle  Switching your type of lighting is a relatively easy and affordable change that presents your business with a easily measurable return in savings.
      2. Install LED Exit Signs
        LED exit signs offer valuable advantages: $10 in energy savings per sign and long-lasting quality, eliminating the need for frequent replacements. 
      3. Implement Motion Sensors
        Motion sensors, sometimes known as occupancy sensors, are especially well-suited to businesses that have a lot of property that is infrequently used, which includes warehouses, supply rooms and break rooms. With this simple installation, companies can save on lighting costs, since the motion sensors automatically turn lights off when they sense no activity in the room. Motion sensors eliminate wasteful electricity usage, which can have a definite impact on monthly electricity bills.
      4. Use Smart Power Strips
        Electronics such as computers, printers, fax machines and more can use up electricity even when they are not being used. Smart strips are designed to detect when electronics are inactive and can automatically turn them off, a small but crucial task that can result in saving up to 72% of the power your electronics use.
      5. Install Programmable Thermostats
        This type of heating solution provides you with the ultimate control over when and how your facilities’ heat is distributed. You can customize your heat settings based on factors like time of day, season and number of occupants. This allows you to easily optimize your business’s heat, even allowing heat to automatically decrease or increase at the end and beginning of the workday. In this case, ultimate control and custom options mean a much more efficient distribution of electricity and tighter control over your eventual bill.
      6. Set Up Water Efficient Fixtures
        Thousands of gallons of water can be saved when your business isntalls water efficient fixtures like low flow toilets and urinals, faucet aerators and water-saving showerheads. These options are easy to install and deliver a quick return on investment.

These are all simple changes that can have significant affects on your business’s utility bills and the eco-footprint your company leaves on this planet. What energy saving tips would you add to this list?

Reference Source: Jaishree Knauff, ConservationMart.com

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