7 Steps to Prepare for Winter Driving

Preparation is key when it comes to winter driving. Snow-covered roads and winter storm conditions can mean an increase in accidents, road closures and travel time. Those driving complications are just some of the reasons you should prepare ahead of time for trips during the winter months and stock up your vehicle with survival and maintenance items.

  1. Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.
  2. Prior to leaving, be aware of the latest road conditions and continually check the status throughout the day.
  3. Research alternative routes you can take in case of road closures.
  4. Dress warmly by layering light-weight, loose-fitting clothing.
  5. Pack your car with an emergency kit that includes water, snacks, warm blankets, extra clothing and a first aid kit.
  6. Make sure your cell phone and/or CB radio is working properly and is charged.
  7. Check fluid levels, battery connections and the defroster system before leaving on your trip and remember to check it periodically throughout the day.

What do you think is the most crucial step in winter driving preparation?

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