Top Ways to Prevent Lift Gate Injuries

Lift gate injuries are an unfortunate risk present in today’s transportation industry. However as with many of the hazards of  driving and fleet management, utilizing the proper training and equipment maintenance can make a huge difference in safety. Below, we have gathered some tips to help prevent lift gate injuries.

Lift Gate Injury Prevention Tips:

lift gate
  •  Make sure that drivers and lift gate operators both understand that under NO circumstances should they perform any maintenance on lift gates or even enter the area beneath a raised lift gate.
  • Lower the lift gate to the ground and inspect the rear of the trailer to ensure the lift gate has proper clearance for its full cycle. 
  • Remember to check the condition of the equipment and any accompanying tools; simple checks can make a big difference in the long term operational quality of lift gates.
  • Include all drivers and users in a regular review of manufacturer’s safety instructions that should cover ways to properly operate the lift gates and what to do in the case of malfunction.
  • Routinely monitor the ongoing safety and operational procedures that your employees partake in on a daily basis.

What steps do you take to prevent lift gate injuries?

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