ProDiesel® CAT C7 Fuel Injectors Product Review

ProDiesel Cat C7 fuel injectors, now in stock at Ryder Fleet Products are a great addition to our inventory. ProDiesel is known as an industry leading supplier of replacement fuel system parts. The units they offer are all re-manufactured by factory-trained technicians. During the re-manufacturing process, the parts are 100% calibrated, tested and documented for factory-proven performance.

We’re excited to offer our customers the ability to purchase these fuel injectors at prices that are huge savings over OEM and significantly less than those you’ll find at your local CAT dealer. 

The ProDiesel CAT C7 warranty has a reputation as being the best in the industry. The ProDiesel Nation Wide warranty provides you with an 18 month warranty on all fuel injectors: no hassle, no mileage limit, and non-pro-rated.  Failed injectors will be tested by an Authorized ProDiesel facility. Credit on warranty failures will be issued as an RFP-returned parts credit. 

CAT C7 1
CAT C7 Fuel 01
CAT C7 01-03
CAT C7 01-04
CAT C7 3
CAT C7 01-02
CAT C7 01-03
CAT C7 01-04
CAT C7 Fuel Injector
CAT C7 Fuel Injector

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  1. The fuel injectors needs to be properly looked after. As the engine getting noise and becoming to be less economy. In my opinion the best way to reduce the service costs is injector cleaners. It is cheap and very easy to use.


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