How to Prevent ABS Issues with Performance Friction Brake Rotors

If your vehicle features OE brake rotors with outdated technology, that means the ABS ring is cast into the brake rotor. This creates inconsistent tooth sizing and spacing. This issue can be made worse and cause ABS signal faults when the iron heats up and lowers the amount of magnetism, causing an accelerated level of corrosion on the brake rotor.

Faultless ABS Operation:

  • Isolated tone ring for reduced heat transfer
  • Protective plating to prevent corrosion
  • Precision machined alloy ring for improved signal strength

A solution to this common problem is to have your medium-duty truck retrofitted with brake rotors that feature isolated ABS rings (patent pending). Performance Friction’s line of retrofitted brake rotors are a proven product. With high temperature heat soaks during third party GM9540P corrosion testing, Performance Friction brake rotors featuring isolated ABS ring lasted more than five times longer than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rotors. 

Performance Friction Brake Rotors Technology Offers: 

  • Longer brake rotor service life and improved braking performance
  • Runout less than .0005 inches, thickness variation less than .0002 inches, and surface finish less than .7 microns to prevent pulsation and vibration.
  • Brake rotor vanes turned OD and ID for balance to reduce thermal warping and vibration.
  • 48 vanes for superior thermal capacity

ABS signal loss occurs most with medium truck brake rotor applications that have  66mm and 73mm pin slider hydraulic brake calipers (0786 pad shape). The Ryder Fleet part numbers for these pads are R63 078610 and R63 078611.

Brake Pad Set

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