Truck Cab Air Conditioning Maintenance Standards

Truck cab A/C maintenance is one of the highest costing but when done right gives several benefits to fleet owners and drivers alike, including the following:

  • Improved available labor time
  • Reduced operating cost
  • Pro-active workforce
  • Improved driver comfort 

Here are some established Cab air conditioning maintenance standards:

  •  Replacement parts need to meet OEM specifications.
  • Systems must be properly flushed and purged if the system’s failure was caused by a mechanical failure or if there’s any sign of system contamination.
  • Never re-use contaminated refrigerants in an A/C system.
  • You need to replace the drier/accumulator if the refrigerant system has been opened to ambien conditions.
  • Perform a vacuum test and evacuate the system with a quality micron guage.
  • Never top off a refrigerant system to get your vehicle back on the road.
  • Technicians working on cab A/C systems need to be Section 609 certified.
  • A/C systems should generally not be converted to another refrigerant.
  • For checking and adjusting belt tension, the required tools are the Dayco Krikit gauge I P/N U29 93865 (for V Belts), and Krikit II P/N U29 93866 (for multi-rib belts).
  • If you find a belt that’s 20 lbs. or more under the recommended tension, replace the belt and adjust it with the Krikit gauges listed above.
  • After you complete the A/C service, reinstall service port caps.
  • Purchase refrigerant oil in small containers.
  • Don’t use pressure washers to clean condenser fins.

A/C maintenance training and reference materials:

  • Service Manual – A/C and Heating Systems for Heavy Duty Vehicles MEI 8890B
  • 2 Disc Set – A/C Procedures and A/C Classroom Training MEI 1000DVD

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