Have Peace of Mind on the Road with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Driver safety should never be compromised. Here at Ryder Fleet Products, we carry a wide array of industrial strength Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) by Truck Systems Technologies (TST) for commercial trucks and recreational vehicles, to help ensure that your drivers are safe at all times while on the road. Our TPMS, or tire pressure monitoring system, can monitor up to 34 tire pressure positions and are all multi-zoned, enabling customers to monitor tire pressure and tire temperature on individual settings.

Our tire pressure monitoring systems provide drivers with a wide range of benefits including:

  • Improved handling and road traction
  • Reduced tire tread wear
  • Properly inflated tires at all times
  • Improved mileage
  • Tire pressure is monitored at all times – on the road or parked

Installation of – TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tire pressure monitoring systems by TST are easy to install.  Once you identify a system that best fits your application, purchase it online and follow these simple 7 steps for proper installation.

  1. After turning on by monitor, program your sensor by pressing the code button on the side for six seconds until you hear a beep.
  2. To switch tires you can use the plus and minus button to go between each tire.
  3. Once you choose your tire, use your sensor at the bottom of the monitor and press the code button.  (Now your code will be inside the monitor)  Repeat for all your sensors.
  4. Once you are done press the mode button and it saves your tire position and your codes.
  5. Time to put the tire pressure system onto the tire itself by unscrewing the cap.
  6. Place the sensor inside the wrench, which will help you screw it onto the valve. (You do not want it too tight or too loose)
  7. Once the sensor is triggered, you will see tire pressure and temperature on your monitor screen.

Time to set your high and low tire pressures!

  • If the alarm is going off at this time press any button.
  • Press  the mode button for 6 seconds, when you see a flashing PSI screen, press mode again.
  • Press the plus button to change to Fahrenheit.
  • Go onto steer axel – change to 20 PSI above and 10 PSI below what you run your pressure at (Use the plus & minus buttons to adjust).
  • You will see the default 158 degrees standard temperature – we recommend leaving it at this setting.
  • Once you are done, press set, and your tires are ready to be monitored!

You can also watch our instructional video here on how to install your TPMS

The truck systems tire pressure monitoring system includes 34 external monitoring sensors, a hardwired monitor with a dash inset mount/mounting pad, long antenna, spare air-tight seals, and numbered sensor markers for reference.   It’s our featured product today, click here to for more information! 




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