Prevent Vehicle Theft and Recovery Tips with LoJack

The cost of commercial theft doesn’t stop at vehicle & equipment replacement. Lost cargo and onboard equipment, premium increases and insurance deductibles, and potential contract penalties are all theft related costs that can impact your bottom line.

Here are some basic vehicle theft prevention tips to safeguard your commercial trucks, trailers, and refrigerated units:

  • Keep trucks locked and parked in a well-lit facility
  • Install on-site security and review security at your site regularly
  • Train your drivers on security practices
  • Use vehicle immobilizers such as wheel locks, or ignition locks
  • Immediately report all suspicious activity and/or theft to law enforcement officials
  • Install a LoJack Vehicle Recovery System

 LoJack is a small, silent radio transponder hidden in your truck or trailer. When the vehicle is reported stolen, the LoJack unit is automatically activated and it transmits a unique reply code that can be received and decoded by specially-equipped police vehicles, helicopters, and airplanes.  Whether you’re looking for a ruggedized version of a vehicle recovery system for equipment, or a standard system for light-duty and car fleets, LoJack can help protect your fleet and equipment by working with the police to recover what’s yours and minimize any business downtime.

 Here are some key benefits and features of the LoJack Vehicle Recovery System:

  • Very easy on-site installation
  • 90% National recovery rate – Read More
  • Rapid recovery – Most vehicles are found within hours
  • LoJack is the ONLY recovery system operated by the police
  • No monthly fees, one-time cost and very affordable
  • Stealth installation – No visible antennas to disable unlike a GPS system

Need coverage information? Want to see ROI on your investment in a LoJack unit? Click here to see FAQs on LoJack or call 800-759-6479.



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