Getting More Value Out of Your Brake Pads

Carbon Metallic Brake Pads are used by top fleets for their stopping power, safety, extended pad and rotor life and corrosion resistance.  They have a Performance Friction brake pad coating that prevents rust, peeling, and corrosion. They are also extremely temperature resistant.   These pads are known for having zero coat peeling and minimal to zero rust, while withstanding all environmental, weather, and driving elements.

Based on how sturdy and reliable these brake pads are, it’s important for you to know that they provide a value that is much greater than their cost.  Check out our cost savings calculator to see for yourself.   Since Carbon Metallic Brake Pads last longer, you will not have to replace your brake pads as often, saving you money and maintenance time.

Whether your fleet is comprised of tractor trailers, school buses, or emergency response vehicles, Performance Friction brake pads put safety, engineering and environmental standards first.  These pads are asbestos-free and do not contain any antimony, lead, chromium or potassium titanate – making them safe for the environment, and also safe for handling by maintenance personnel.

Prairie School Division’s Ken Dawe talks about the long lasting Performance Friction brakes and rotors in the video below.   He’s impressed with the longevity of the brake pads and we think you will be too.  

Get your Performance Friction Brake Pads and start down your road to better savings today.  

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