It’s Time to Get Our Drivers in Gear With a Healthy Lifestyle

The life of a professional truck driver can be an unhealthy one.   The majority of professional drivers are most likely driving all day, eating at truck stops, and not sleeping enough.  The major health concerns for drivers are lack of exercise, weight, fatigue, poor diet and stress. There are ways to keep our drivers healthy and the Ryder PRO-TREAD training courses are designed to cut through bad habits and establish new ones by promoting overall wellness.

Here are some important first steps to take to become a healthy truck driver:

  • Plan ahead – plan your day and include time to stop for food, snack, and exercise
  • Educate yourself on healthy food and portion size
  • Carry healthy snacks in your truck – Establish a snacking schedule so that you can cut down on your portion size for lunch and dinner
  • Drink water – Stay hydrated, it’s one of the best things you can do for your body
  • Don’t forget about vitamins – Establish a daily vitamin routine that will help fill in the nutrient gaps you are missing
  • Drop the bad smoking habit – It’s a bad habit that a lot of truckers have, but if you are serious about getting healthy it’s time to quit smoking
  • With the new Hours of Service law, you think drivers would be getting plenty of rest.   It’s not only healthy but it keeps you and other drivers safe on the road.
  • Be creative – Whether you are at a gas station, hotel, or rest stop; walk around, do some jumping jacks, plank – get your blood pumping! 

Most importantly, drivers should visit their Doctor’s frequently and routinely.  Work with your Doctor to come up with a fitness and health plan to jump start your new healthy life style.   Among other things, you should have your vision, hearing, and blood pressure checked regularly. 

To help keep your driver healthy we recommend our Driver Wellness Online Training Course.   This 70 minutes lesion covers basic health maintenance including diet and exercise.  Specific topics include stress management, sleep apnea, risk factors, exercise, alcohol issues, and healthy eating.   Our Driver Wellness course combined with others meets the training requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations for an entry level driver training in accordance with 49 CFR 380.503.

We know that CMV drivers, because of the nature of their jobs, are at risk for health problems.  It’s time to get our drivers healthy and in good shape.   By your drivers staying healthy they take less time off of work which puts more money in their pocket and a reliable healthy driver for your company.  It’s a win, win!  Click here to view the Ryder Driver Wellness courses that are the first steps in adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

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