Broken Down on the Highway, Now What?


We all try to stay prepared and prevent break downs, but let’s face it- our vehicles are bound to break down from time to time, even with the proper maintenance.  With any issue on the road, it’s bound to be a stressful situation. At the first sign of trouble, try to pull over to a safe area on the shoulder. But what comes next? 

Here are important factors you don’t want to forget:

  • Use emergency flashers to warn other drivers that you’re in distress
  • Turn on your vehicle’s dome light inside
  • Check your dashboard for any warning lights or signs
  • If you have a CB radio, utilize it to let other truckers know your situation and location
  • All truck drivers should always have a fleet safety and accident report stored in the glovebox
  • Display your Triangle Reflector Kit, which provides high candle power reflectivity for night use and does not require a power source
  • Contact law enforcement or a tow company if you are located in a busy area or need assistance
  • If there is an accident involved, take pictures with Accident Photo Pak Camera which helps document details and helps companies protect their assets and reputation
  • If your vehicle is safely out of traffic, wait inside with the doors locked until help arrives
  • If your vehicle is on the roadway, do not stand behind or next to your vehicle
  • When entering back onto the road, if you feel you can make it to an exit, make sure to use your blinkers and exercise your patience for a clear opening

We strongly suggest to not try to fix your vehicle on the road.  Wait for a uniformed police officer or other emergency responders.  If you are a first responder, JJ Keller has a great Emergency Response Guidebook that contains how first responders properly handle an incident or broken down vehicle.  The two important things to remember if your vehicle isn’t drivable but you’re on the road is to try and have your vehicle out of the way of other drivers and also alert other drivers in as many ways as possible that your truck is not operable at that time.

We offer an excellent online training class on Accident Procedures that cover procedures and methods for handling an accident scene.  Click here fore more info.  

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