Tips to Improve Fleet Safety for Summer

With summer right around the corner, it has got us thinking about tips to help improve your fleet’s safety during those warmer summer months. Maintaining a fleet takes time, resources, and expertise. Therefore, it’s important to keep track of your fleet and its maintenance.

Be prepared when things heat up by following our checklist below:

  • Clean your battery
    • Insider Tip: Inspect the “interior box light” and lift the gate activator switches that are illuminated. Improperly functioning lights could cause battery drainage.
    • Maintain and test your air conditioning
    • Change the air filter
    • Check the coolant and radiator
    • Check your breaks
      • Safety Tip:  Reduce speed on wet roads to maximize traction and avoid hydroplaning
      • Replace your windshield wipers
      • Check fan belts and hoses
      • Change oil and oil filter
        • Safety Tip: Routine oil changes can help prevent sludge from building up within your engine impacting your vehicles performance.
        • Check your tires
          • Tires wear faster in warm months. Check the tread more than once during summer.
          • Safety Tip: Maintaining proper tire pressure during warmer months is critical to your driver’s safety and can help improve fuel consumption.

With EZM Web maintenance tracking software from Ryder Fleet Products, companies will have the ability to schedule, track and control maintenance for virtually an unlimited number of equipment and/or fleet vehicles, plus monitor inventory from any web-based device.

EZM Web Maintenance software is a web-based version of the industry leading EZ Maintenance program. It’s extremely simple to use and allows organizations large and small to manage their fleets maintenance schedules appropriately. 

EZM Web Key Features:

  • Track Multiple Locations of Vehicles
  • Work Orders
  • Customer Invoices
  • Full Inventory Control
  • Maintenance Calendars
  • Supervisory Control
  • Track Outside Customers / Vendors
  • Integrates into QuickBooks
  • Vendor-Created Invoices
  • Employees / Customers Submit Request Online
  • And More!

Companies across the country are leveraging EZM Web maintenance software to eliminate unnecessary downtime by improving fleet safety, security, compliance and overall efficiency through its web-based application. If your organization needs help managing your fleet’s maintenance and safety, call us at 1-866-297-4868 to lean more about EZ Maintenance Web.



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