‘Tis the Season To Prepare Your Fleet for the Cold Weather


As winter draws near, lots of us start looking out for deals on items like Christmas sweaters, winter coats, and maybe a snow sled. However, if you’re an owner operator, fleet manager, or just do a lot of winter driving, chances are you’ve got ice scrapers, winter wiper blades and heated mirrors on your list as you begin to prepare for the wintry days ahead on the road.

At Ryder Fleet Products, we can help you and your fleet get ready for the blustery, cold days of winter driving conditions and have put together the following checklist for you as you begin to winterize your truck and settle down for a long winter’s drive.

Ice Scrapers, Snow brushes
Remove snow, ice and frost from your windshield with an ice scraper or use a snow brush to help remove accumulated snow.

Winter Wiper Blades
One of the easiest things you can do to prepare for winter driving is to replace your current wipers with those especially designed for winter conditions. Winter wipers are thicker, more flexible, and can remove heavy rain, sleet and snow better than regular blades. A good winter wiper blade usually consists of a rugged rubber cover over a heavy duty frame to prevent slush from freezing joints.


Have a de-icer on hand such as CRC’s Ice Off to melt snow, ice and frost on contact from your windows. This de-icer works in sub-zero temperatures and will not harm a vehicle’s finish.

Tip: Also useful for thawing frozen locks.

 Coolant Tester
A coolant tester, such as this refractometer from Fleetguard Cummins provides a fast and easy way to determine the freeze point protection in both Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol coolants. It is more accurate than test strips or float-type hydrometers and is as easy as 1,2,3.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Cold weather can lower tire pressure and cause your tires to become under inflated. Not only can this lead to increased tire wear and lower gas mileage, but it also presents the risk of a blow out. Check out these tire pressure monitoring systems for trucks from TST – the leader in tire pressure and temperature monitoring equipment.

Tip: A tire pressure monitoring system also protects you during the summer months when tires are prone to becoming over inflated.

For more info on tire pressure and the effect it can have on your tires as well as your vehicle, read Have Peace of Mind on the Road with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  or Benefits of Checking Tire Pressure Regularly.

Ryder Fleet Products carries a wide range of gloves including kevlar, leather, latex, neoprene, and pvc gloves. For winter weather purposes, though, here are two of our favorites.

The Powergrab Orange Glove
These insulated gloves are often used in Refrigerated Areas, Utilities, Food Processing, Commercial Fishing, Construction, Outdoor Winter Activities and Recreation. We like them for their excellent thermal insulation and extra softness.

Mechanics’ Gloves
Mechanics’ gloves offer protection and comfort all year long but in winter, they have the added benefit of adding warmth as well. Shop Ryder Fleet Products for a wide variety of Mechanics’ Gloves21242HY

Tip: Most of our gloves are available in several sizes –  be sure to look for the correct size when placing your order.



Ice Cleats
Ice cleats fit easily over all types of shoes and boots and help maintain traction in slick outdoor conditions. The cleats are removable but if you are a driver, and don’t want to remove them each time you drive, consider an ice cleat such as the Jordan David Low-Pro

ice cleats

Heated Rearview Mirrors
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the foggiest of them all? Keep fog and ice off side view mirrors and spot other vehicles easier with a heated mirror. You’ll find trusted names in vehicle mirrors at Ryder Fleet Products. Shop from well known brands such as Velvac, Grote, Retrac and Mirror Lite.

Tip: A lot of the mirrors look similar so be sure to check the part number to make sure it will fit your particular vehicle.

JJ Keller Master Driver Series Extreme Weather DVD
This Extreme Weather DVD from JJ Keller offers sound advice for handling a variety of potentially deadly conditions. Covers techniques for driving in snow, ice, rain, fog, heavy winds, and more.jjk90_dvd

PLUS, don’t forget these winter driving staples …
Booster Cables, Jump Starters and Battery BoostersTow StrapsAir Brake Antifreeze and Antifreeze tester, Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner, Fuel Conditioner Injector, Water Remover for Diesel Fuel, Hoses and ClampsAir Tank Drain ValveRadiator and Cap Pressure Tester

SHOP WINTERIZING PRODUCTS NOW>Find a part number, cross reference a part, or ask a question by contacting our customer service team at 855.885.5631 or FleetProductsInfo@Ryder.com

With over 60,000 parts in inventory from over 400 suppliers, we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for.


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