Air Ride Truck Seats – A Driving Force in Your Comfort.

Air ride truck seat

Today’s heavy duty trucks can be quite sophisticated with many cutting-edge, hi-tech products behind the wheel and under the hood. At Ryder Fleet Products, we continuously research and meet with industry manufacturers and suppliers to discover and bring you the latest advancements in truck technology.

This time, our focus turns from technology for the truck to technology for the driver. Driver comfort, we all know, is paramount to a safe, healthy and productive driver and it all starts in the driver’s seat. And today’s driver seats are quickly evolving beyond the regular factory installed seat to an ergonomically designed seat with options such as lumbar support, side bolster support, seat tilt, extendable cushion seats, memory height, and even heated seats to perfectly support your body as you drive.

200L_s_newTo offer our customers the best in premium air ride seats, we have partnered with Prime Seating, Inc., located in Duluth, GA. These specially designed and engineered air ride truck seats are made for both medium and heavy duty trucks (and buses) and use the latest technology to promote a healthy driving position.

The seats range from a 200 series to the fully luxurious 600 series. Each series has different options, and in this article, we break these options down for you so you can easily compare one model to another.

You can see all the Prime Seat series offered by Ryder Fleet Products by visiting our Prime Seating page.

First let’s discuss some basic information that is helpful to know as you begin your research and comparison.

These seats come standard with the 4.25″ tall mounting base.  A lower 1.75″ mounting base is available upon request at no extra charge. The short base is popular for those who want the seat to settle to a position closer to the floor.

Each series (with the exception of the 600 series) is available in either cloth or leather. A “C” after the series number (i.e. 200C) indicates the cloth version and an “L” (i.e. 200L) indicates the leather version.


A useful thing to note is that there is no price difference between the cloth and leather options. All of the leather series are made from a very soft, high end synthetic leather, with the exception of the 600 series which features a natural leather.

An “H” in the product name (i.e. 300LH), lets you know the seat is a mid-back seat and features an adjustable headrest.

All of the seats come with a 3-year warranty on the foam and cushions and a million mile or 5 year warranty on the seat structure itself.

The seats are simple to install and should take about 15-20 minutes.

Let’s go over each of the series in detail now. As we mentioned, they start with the 200 series and go on up to the luxurious 600 series which boasts not only heating options, but a cooling option as well.

The 200 SERIES
The 200 series (200C for cloth; 200L for leather) offers an innovative seat with a fully reclining backrest and dual arm rests. It also features an air height adjustment, fore/aft slide adjustments (to position you closer or farther away from the steerling wheel) and fore/art isolator – lock/unlock feature. You’ll find the 200 series a vast improvement over the standard factory installed truck seat and you’ll notice a welcome difference in your driving comfort.

VIEW 200 Series Air Ride Seats   |   Download the 200L flyer for more details. (pdf file)

The 300 SERIES
This series offers everything the 200 series offers PLUS the following upgraded features:upper and lower air lumbar support (great for bad backs), side air bolster support, adjustable seat cushion extension, and an adjustable tilt.

The 300 LH is a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest.

VIEW 300 Series Air Ride Seats   |   Download the 300LH flyer for  more details. (pdf)

The 400 SERIES
The 400 series features everything from the 300 series plus two additional comfort options: 1) an adjustable shock absorber setting which lets you choose from 11 different settings (from soft to hard) so you can adjust your ride to road conditions. 2) heated seats – both bottom and back.

The 400 LH is a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest

VIEW 400 Series Air Ride Seats  |  Download 400L flyer here. (pdf file)

The 500 SERIES
The 500 series is the 400 series model with the addition of 2 new features: 1) memory height setting – simply adjust the seat to your preferred height initially and it automatically resets to that height each time you enter the truck. 2)  A quick release button allows you to dump and refill air with a one button push in/out.

Like the 300 and 400 series, the 500 series also offers the 500 LH -a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest.

The 550 RH-BUS. This seat is for buses and has all of the controls on the ride hand side of the seat.

VIEW 500 Series Air Ride Seats  |  Download the 500L flyer for more details. (pdf file)

The 600 SERIES – All the bells and whistles!
The 600 series is available only in a premium natural leather. They’ve taken the 500 series and added one of our favorite features – a cool air ventilation system. This provides cool air throughout the backrest and bottom cushion and provides relief from hot sticky seats during the summer months.

View the 600 series. Download the 600L flyer here for more details.

For a quick side-by-side comparison of each of the series of air ride seats, we’ve put together the following chart so you can easily compare the features between each series.

Find the air ride truck seat that’s perfect for you at Ryder Fleet Products.  And enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders over $250.















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