Why this newly designed fifth wheel is a must-have for yard truck applications.


Yard Truck Fifth Wheel by Armor
The Armor fifth wheel, from Fontaine Coupling Solutions, is easier to maintain and faster to rebuild than other yard tractor fifth wheels.

Yard trucks, also referred to as a yard dog, or terminal tractor,  is a semi-tractor designed specifically for moving semi trailers within a freight yard or warehouse facility. Due to the nature of the work, it’s not unusual for a yard truck fifth wheel to be coupled and uncoupled up to 300 times a day (compared to once a day for most over-the-road trucks).  As a result, yard truck fifth wheels demand repairs and rebuilds more frequently than other fifth wheel applications, leading to higher maintenance costs.

To address the rigorous demands that yard trucks place on a fifth wheel, The Fontaine Fifth Wheel Group created a new company to study the yard truck market and to develop a fifth wheel solution specifically for this sector.  Fontaine Coupling Solutions spent several years researching yard truck fifth wheel usage and developed The Armor Fifth Wheel – the first fifth wheel designed to meet a yard truck’s unique needs.

One of the changes made involved repositioning all components away from the edges of the top plate to help shield against kingpin damage; another adaptation was the addition of an anti-high-hitch feature designed to help prevent dropped trailers due to false coupling. This has reduced damage to equipment and freight.

Additionally, all locking components can now be replaced directly from the top without removing the fifth wheel from the truck – cutting rebuild time from 3 hours to as little as 15 minutes.

To learn about additional features that make the Armor fifth wheel more suitable and cost efficient for yard truck applications, you’ll find a helpful overview, including a cost savings calculator and videos, on Fontaine’s website. You can also read their product announcement, “New Fontaine Armor™ Yard Truck Fifth Wheel Provides Greater Capacity with Less Downtime”.  (pdf)

For faster repairs, greater uptime and lower total cost of ownership for your yard truck fifth wheel, shop the selection of Armor fifth wheel products at Ryder Fleet Products. Conveniently order online and we’ll deliver directly to you.The Armor fifth wheel can be easily mounted directly onto a trucks existing bracket. For repairs and rebuilds, we also offer top plates, wear plate kits, pin and bushing kits, trigger assembly kits, stationary jaw kits, lock assembly kits, kingpins, and air cylinders.

As always, you can call our dedicated team of parts experts with any questions at (855) 885-5631. Or feel free to send us an email.

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  1. I wonder exactly how much it cost for repair to yard trucks. It sounds like it could be pretty expensive. I’d imagine avoiding repairs is mainly done by having proper maintenance.


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