Tire Pressure, Tire Tread and Overall Tire Safety – How to Prepare for Roadcheck 2016.


Roadcheck is an annual event sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), North America’s leading commercial vehicle enforcement organization. Within a 3-day period, 10,000 CVSA and FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) inspectors conduct roadside inspections at more than 1,500 locations. The goal of this event is to increase safety and security on the highways and reduce the number of crashes involving commercial vehicles. The 2016 Annual Roadcheck event will take place June 7-9, 2016.

Each year, emphasis is placed on  a specific area of compliance and this year it is Tire Safety. This includes measuring the tire tread depth, checking tire pressure, checking to make sure that no items are lodged between dual tires, and inspecting the overall condition of the tire.

Having reliable tire safety tools in your vehicle makes it easy and inexpensive to check the health of your tires when traveling or performing pre-and post-trip driver inspections.

The vehicle inspection will also include checking items such as the braking system, cargo securement, coupling devices, exhaust systems, frame, fuel system, truck and trailer lighting, steering mechanism, driveline/driveshaft, suspension, wheels and rims, and windshield wipers.

All commercial motor vehicles (trucks, buses, and motor coaches), plus all CMV drivers of those vehicles, could be subject to a roadside inspection.

Aside from the obvious safety reasons, violations can affect your CSA scores. CSA measures safety performance by violations, and scores can be attached to either the driver, the company, or both. In order to get and keep a good CSA score, it is necessary to sharply reduce safety violations under CSA’s Vehicle Maintenance BASIC Category.

• Approximately 1000 vehicles were inspected every hour
• 82.5% of the vehicles passed the inspection
• 95% of the drivers passed the inspection
• The most common vehicle violation is trailer lighting. “Operating vehicle not having the required operator lamps”
• Other common vehicle violations were: Tire tread depth below 2/32, brake out of adjustment, oil or grease leak, brake hose not secured against damage, and  cargo securement.

To help prepare for the tire safety inspections that will be emphasized during this year’s inspection blitz, be sure to have a reliable tire pressure gauge and a tire tread depth gauge on hand.  Ryder Fleet Products carries high quality pencil type air gauges, digital tire pressure gauges, dial gauges, and tools to measure tire tread depth.

Download  the Tips for Avoiding Tire Violations pdf from International Roadcheck.

For additional training resources to help ensure your vehicles and drivers are prepared to pass a comprehensive inspection, such as Roadcheck 2016, we’ve gathered some of our top educational choices from safety expert J.J. Keller that can help you protect your safety reputation, CSA BASIC scores, and bottom line.


Roadside Inspections: A Driver’s Guide – DVD Training is specifically tailored for drivers and carriers to help them pass roadside inspections, and covers the following topics:
– Roadside inspections – who conducts them and why
– The Six Levels of Inspections
– How drivers should prepare for a roadside inspection
– How drivers should prepare their vehicles for a roadside inspection
– How drivers should conduct themselves during a roadside inspection
– CVSA out-of-service criteria
– Results and consequences of a failed roadside inspection

The CSA Handbook – A Complete Guide for CMV Drivers is the only handbook that covers all information CMV interstate truck and bus drivers need to operate successfully under CSA. Provides fingertip access to explanations of the seven BASICs, severity tables, and tips for avoiding the most common violations. Explains how to prepare for roadside inspections, rights during inspection, what not to do, and steps to take after inspection.

CSA Roadside Lighting Repair Kit No vehicle should be on the road without a quick and easy roadside repair kit. This kit includes what you need to get them back on the road with legal lamps as quickly as possible.


Are your vehicles inspection-ready? And your drivers, too? If not, either or both could be placed out of service. And that can lead to a multitude of negative consequences, including delayed shipments, lost revenue, a tarnished company image, loss of customers, DOT penalties, and a hit to your CSA BASIC scores.

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