USA Made Jacks – Safe, Smart and American Made

Ryder® Fleet Products offers a wide variety of professional lifting equipment and carry both imported models and made in the USA models. With the July 4th holidays just around the corner, we decided to feature our made in the USA Jacks this month.

We regularly receive calls from customers inquiring about certain features of a jack – such as its’ capacity,  its’ material,  its  compliance with ASME/PALD, etc. But another popular question we frequently here is “Is it made in the USA?”

The country of origin  is an important consideration for many, and especially for military and government organizations. Some companies specify that a certain percentage of their purchases be made in the USA and want to know which products meet the requirements of the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Other individuals, maintenance shops and fleets simply like to buy products made in America when they can.  We hope this guide will help with your choices of lifting equipment.

What is the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)?

The Buy American Act was passed in 1933 by Congress and signed by President Hoover on March 3, 1933 and required the United States government to prefer U.S.-made products in its purchases. The Buy American Act and the Federal Acquisition Regulation require that a product has at least 51% of USA content.¹

Depending on the manufacturer, all of the jacks we have highlighted below either comply with the Buy American Act and FAR or is manufactured or assembled in the USA or North America, or assembled in the US with US and Global components.

Where Can I Find Jack Stands Made in USA?

Ryder® Fleet Products offers USA-made Jack Stands from Norco Industries and Hein-Warner – from 3 ton stands suitable for working on automobiles and small trailers to a pair of 25 ton stands capable of supporting a fully-loaded trailer.

Capacity  Application Manufacturer
25 ton Low Profile Jack Stands Great for fleet and maintenance garages where low profile stands are needed to support trucks and loaded trailers. nor81225 Norco Industries
10 ton Low Profile Jack Stands Useful for supporting trucks, trailers, and agricultural equipment tp81208 Norco Industries
10 ton Medium Profile Jack Stands The medium profile design allows more clearance than the low profile stands when supporting trucks, trailers, and agricultural equipment. nor81209 Norco Industries
10 ton Heavy Duty Tall  Jack Stands For fleet garages, trucks, trailers, agricultural and construction maintenance shops where a pin type height adjustment column is desired. nor81210_ Norco Industries
20 ton Trailer Stabilizer Jack Stand Stabilizes and assists in supporting the front or rear of a loaded or unloaded tractor-less trailer. tp81022A.jpg Norco Industries
3 ton Jack Stands For automobiles, small trailers and small tractors. OMEHW93503 Hein-Werner
25 ton Pin Style Jack Stands Ideal for fleet, agricultural, and construction maintenance OMEHW93526 Hein-Werner

Floor Jacks Made in USA

Hein-Werner dominates this category with their selection of 2 ton, 3 ton and 10 ton floor jacks. Their 2 ton jack, the “True Blue”, has been a long-time favorite of military, government and private sectors.

Capacity  Application Manufacturer
TRUE BLUE 2 ton Floor Jack For lifting small to medium-sized cars OMEHW93642 Hein-Werner
3 ton Floor Jack For lifting mid to full sized cars, vans and SUVs. Heavy duty frame suitable for the professional technician. OMEHW93652 Hein-Werner
10 ton Air/Manual Floor Jack Lifts trucks, trailers, and buses by the axle, differential, or frame. OMEHW93662 Hein-Werner

Transmission Jacks Made in USA

Whether you work with light truck or heavy duty transmissions, these USA-made transmission jacks help make the job of removing and installing transmissions safer and more secure.

Capacity  Application Manufacturer
1.5 ton Heavy Duty Transmission Jack For use with heavy truck transmissions. Great for truck dealers, maintenance and heavy duty transmission repair shops. nor72000_ Norco Industries
½ ton Telescoping Air/Hydraulic Transmission Jack Combines air and hydraulic power for maximum speed and accuracy. Ideal for  professional technicians looking to increase shop productivity. OMEHW93720 Hein-Werner

Cranes, Wheel Dollys, and Lifts Made in USA

Capacity  Application Manufacturer
1500 lb Engine Load Leveler Attaches to a crane to position automobile and light truck engines and other vehicle components. nor78115 Norco Industries
3 ton Electro/Hydraulic Floor Crane For lifting heavy items including removal and installation of diesel engines and transmissions. nor78605A.jpg Norco Industries
6000 lb Auto Dolly Use to easily move cars, trucks, ATV’s, boats, trailers and lawn equipment. MERM998002.jpg  Merrick Machine Company
8.5 Ton Long Reach Air Lift For truck, bus, farm equipment and motor home applications where a long reach jack is required to lift at the vehicle bumper, frame or front axle. nor82995 Norco Industries
Wheel Dollys (pair)  For the safe moving of wheels around the workshop floor. ALC77788 ALC Keysco

About Norco Industries

Norco Industries has been engineering and manufacturing safe, reliable, high-quality products for the professional repair marketplace since 1964. In align with their tagline “When Safety Depends on Performance”, you won’t find a cheap, throw-away jack with the Norco name. You’ll find a product you are confident with that exceeds your expectations. In fact, Norco is the number one brand requested and used by our Ryder® maintenance shops for professional lifting and hydraulic products.

On a side note – in addition to offering  USA-made jacks, Norco also offers a lower-priced imported version for those with budget constraints. The imported versions have the same quality design and go through the same product testing as their made in America counterpart but are made in China. The imported products will have an “i” at the end of the manufacturer number. (for example, 72000E is the USA Made version of their 1.5 ton heavy duty transmission jack; the imported version is 72000Ei)

About Hein-Werner

Originally a part of the Marquette and Lincoln Automotive line, Hein-Werner became a division of SFA in 2003, after struggling several years to find a new home. SFA, a leading distributor of hydraulic lift equipment in the US and Canada, has worked to bring the Hein-Werner brand back to its former glory. The brand is once again manufactured or assembled in the USA and still delivers the same dependability and rugged design that earned it the status of a classic, tried-and-true American brand.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Keep your fleet running smoothly with easy access to the same maintenance tested and road-proven heavy-duty aftermarket truck parts that Ryder® uses on its own fleet. With over 80 years of experience maintaining the most reliable fleet in America, Ryder knows more about parts than anyone else.

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  1. This is ALAN Pullen and I was chatting with Jon about your floor jack.Your part #is TOL OMEHW93642 AND THE. ID #OMEHW 93642.


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