Earth Day – April 22, 2017


With Earth Day coming up on April 22, 2017, we share tips and product solutions to help those in the transportation industry move closer to their environmental goals.

Recycle used motor oil

Commercial vehicle maintenance centers likely already have a solution in place for the environmentally safe handling and recycling of used oil and other automotive waste materials. But what about at home? Be diligent there too and spend the $8 or so for an oil recycle jug that’s designed for easy disposing and recycling. Look for features such as a large opening (for easy filling and emptying), an easy carry handle and a lid to keep the oil contained while transporting to the recycle center. You’ll be surprised at how this convenient little jug-with-a-purpose will actually encourage you to make the trip to your local recycle center to dispose of the oil properly. Otherwise, it’s easy to give in and let that oil you just changed sit in a make-shift container in the garage month after month because there’s no practical way to move it anywhere else.

For home garage use, we’ve found this small 3 gallon jug “The Dispos-Oil Recycle Jug”   makes it super easy to collect, carry and transport used oil.


Explore Aerodynamic Technologies for Class 6-8 Trucks

There are several aerodynamic technologies available in the heavy duty aftermarket today that are providing owner operators and fleets with valuable fuel savings.

Consider some of the options listed below –  chosen based on their affordability, ease of installation and shorter payback period.

Trailer Side Skirts: Add the fuel-saving, aerodynamic technology of a trailer side skirt to reduce wind resistance and fuel consumption. For example, the EZ Edge Trailer Skirt is EPA SMARTWAY verified to deliver up to 7.3% in fuel savings. It also receives high marks because it is 100% recyclable and made in the USA.

• Fuel Saving Wheel Covers: Streamlining wheel openings on a truck & trailer with specially designed wheel covers, such as Deflecktors, is another simple and affordable aftermarket solution for reducing fuel consumption. These install in seconds with no tools needed.

• Aerodynamic Mud Flaps:  Even mud flaps have gone aerodynamic. Fleet Engineers, a Ryder Fleet Products supplier, manufacturers the AeroFlap® Aerodynamic Mud Flap. These lower fuel consumption by reducing drag, accomplished via a unique design which channels airflow in different, complimentary directions. Works in synergy with the EPA SMARTWAY program and are available in 24in, 30in, and 36in heights. Made in the USA from recycled materials.


Heavy Duty Truck Parts

Keep your fleet running smoothly with easy access to the same maintenance tested and road-proven heavy-duty aftermarket truck parts that Ryder® uses on its own fleet. With over 80 years of experience maintaining the most reliable fleet in America, Ryder knows more about parts than anyone else.

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