Win Free Wiper Blades

Feb 2, 2015 National Change Your Windshield Wipers Day

February 2 (Groundhog Day) is “National Change Your Windshield Wipers Day”. And to help remind drivers that wiper blades are an important safety feature that should be changed every 6-12 months, Ryder Fleet Products is running a “Win Your Blades” contest.

Order a pair of Anco Wiper Blades, and you might just win them along with a laptop backpack. Just order between 1/12/2015 and 2/2/2015.

Are Your Wipers Showing Signs of Wear?
You can quickly and easily check the condition of your wiper blades by running your finger along its’ rubber edge to see if it’s become rigid or chipped. Harsh conditions, such as direct sunlight, can cause the rubber to break down over time and will require that the blades be replaced to ensure a clean, smooth swipe. You may also notice a cloudy film on your windshield (which is caused by dirt, oil or grime accumulation), or that the rubber appears to have pulled away from the wiper frame. All signs that it’s time to replace your wiper blades.

Which Wiper Blade Should You Choose?
Ryder Fleet Products offers a wide selection of quality wiper blades from ANCO including The Contour beam blade, The Profile beam blade, The Transform hybrid blade, AeroVantage conventional blade, The 31-series, and Winter specialty blades. And, ANCO understands the importance of Original Equipment fit, so you can rest assured your new wipers will fit and function as seamlessly as your previous ones – no matter which type of wiper blade you choose.

Below, we have put together a quick guide to get you familiar with the different ANCO blade options featured on our website.

1) Anco Contour Blades –  a beam blade providing premium all season performance.
Beam blades have an infinite amount of pressure points which provide better blade-to-windshield contact and are more aerodynamic – helping prevent lift and noise. Beam blades also have less moving parts and no superstructure so ice and snow don’t stick to them.

The Contour blade has an exclusive, advanced rubber compound that gives you a streak-free wipe time after time.

2) Anco Profile Bladesa beam blade with advanced technology for every vehicle.
Like the Contour, the Profile is also a Beam blade with an infinite amount of pressure points for better blade-to-windshield contact.  Beam blades are more aerodynamic than conventional blades which helps prevent lift and noise. They also have less moving parts and no superstructure which means ice and snow don’t stick to them.

The Profile blade has a unique connection system that offers an ultra-low-profile design that mirrors the look of original equipment beam blades.

3) Anco Transform Hybrid BladesThe new look of performance.
This blade integrates the aerodynamic features of a beam style wiper with the evenly distributed pressure points of a conventional structure. The Transform is a replacement blade for vehicles that came equipped with hybrid technology or an upgrade for vehicles that utilize a J hook design.

4) Anco AeroVantage Conventional BladesClear wipe at any speed.
Replaces OE with a quality that matches the style, fit and performance of the blade that originally came with the vehicle. Has an aerodynamic vented bridge that maintains wipe at highway speeds.

5) Anco 31-Series Coventional BladesReliable Wiper Performance
Affordable wiper blades that replace OE with a quality that matches the style, fit and performance of the blade that originally came with the vehicle.

6) Winter BladesSpecialty blades to handle snow and ice
Uses exclusive designs and materials to ensure clear windshields and safe visibility in any driving condition. The specialty blade is more durable for winter conditions and contains an exclusive extra thick rubber compound that provides a consistent, streak-free wipe while remaining flexible in even the coldest temperatures. A rugged rubber cover over the heavy duty frame prevents slush from freezing joints.

Find the correct wipers for your vehicle
If you need to determine which wipers will fit your vehicle, go to the Anco application guide and enter your vehicle’s year, make & model. Then type in the part # that comes up into the search bar on Ryder Fleet Products. Or contact our customer service at 855.885.5631 or

And remember, as part of our “Win Your Blades contest, if you order your Anco Wiper Blades between 1/12/2015 & 2/2/2015, you could get them for free – along with a laptop backpack*!


Read on for helpful comments from customers who have purchased Anco wiper blades at Ryder Fleet Products:

“Anco makes good products – And this one is no exception!!!”
(Anco 31 series)

“Perfect item, My fleet will get these from Ryder every time. Never had a problem, Always shipped fast.”
(Anco 31 series)

“This is a great wiper never any problems. Always a great price. This is the product we will be using on our fleet of 255 busses for a long time.”
(Anco 31 series)

“We use these on our trucking fleet and pickup fleet. Perfect fit every time! The clip holds the wiper in great and they hold up to the brutal sun here in southern Nevada.”
(Anco 31 series)

“Never a complaint about Anco wipers.”
(Anco 31 series)

“For price of this product it is worth every penny, because I’ve used it on my vehicle along with a different brand and I really see and hear the difference. It is much quieter and last longer.
(Anco 31 series)

“Great product, the best company to buy from! Fast shipping too, packed well!! AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++”
(Anco Wiper blade 50-22)

“The life of the 91 series wiper blades helps in controlling the over all cost of operation. With school busses and vans the need to have good product that holds up to time in bad weather snow and ice is a very important safety requirement.”
(Anco Aerovantage)

“We purchase all of our wiper blades from Ryder Fleet Products and have been very happy with the product.”
(Anco Winter Blades)


About Ryder Fleet Products:
Ryder Fleet Products provides a wide range of truck parts, shop supplies & safety items for the medium and heavy duty truck industry at prices much lower than retail. And we offer FREE shipping for orders over $250. Find a part number, cross reference a part, or ask a question by contacting our customer service team at 855.885.5631 or

Official Win Your Blades Contest Rules
-Wiper blades must be purchased from January 12, 2015 – February 2, 2015 from
– The winner will be credited for the amount of one pair of wiper blades. If only one blade is purchased, the winner will be credited for the price of that blade.
– You may purchase as many windshield wiper blades as you wish; however, credit will only be applied for one pair.

Air Ride Truck Seats – A Driving Force in Your Comfort.

Air ride truck seat

Today’s heavy duty trucks can be quite sophisticated with many cutting-edge, hi-tech products behind the wheel and under the hood. At Ryder Fleet Products, we continuously research and meet with industry manufacturers and suppliers to discover and bring you the latest advancements in truck technology.

This time, our focus turns from technology for the truck to technology for the driver. Driver comfort, we all know, is paramount to a safe, healthy and productive driver and it all starts in the driver’s seat. And today’s driver seats are quickly evolving beyond the regular factory installed seat to an ergonomically designed seat with options such as lumbar support, side bolster support, seat tilt, extendable cushion seats, memory height, and even heated seats to perfectly support your body as you drive.

200L_s_newTo offer our customers the best in premium air ride seats, we have partnered with Prime Seating, Inc., located in Duluth, GA. These specially designed and engineered air ride truck seats are made for both medium and heavy duty trucks (and buses) and use the latest technology to promote a healthy driving position.

The seats range from a 200 series to the fully luxurious 600 series. Each series has different options, and in this article, we break these options down for you so you can easily compare one model to another.

You can see all the Prime Seat series offered by Ryder Fleet Products by visiting our Prime Seating page.

First let’s discuss some basic information that is helpful to know as you begin your research and comparison.

These seats come standard with the 4.25″ tall mounting base.  A lower 1.75″ mounting base is available upon request at no extra charge. The short base is popular for those who want the seat to settle to a position closer to the floor.

Each series (with the exception of the 600 series) is available in either cloth or leather. A “C” after the series number (i.e. 200C) indicates the cloth version and an “L” (i.e. 200L) indicates the leather version.


A useful thing to note is that there is no price difference between the cloth and leather options. All of the leather series are made from a very soft, high end synthetic leather, with the exception of the 600 series which features a natural leather.

An “H” in the product name (i.e. 300LH), lets you know the seat is a mid-back seat and features an adjustable headrest.

All of the seats come with a 3-year warranty on the foam and cushions and a million mile or 5 year warranty on the seat structure itself.

The seats are simple to install and should take about 15-20 minutes.

Let’s go over each of the series in detail now. As we mentioned, they start with the 200 series and go on up to the luxurious 600 series which boasts not only heating options, but a cooling option as well.

The 200 SERIES
The 200 series (200C for cloth; 200L for leather) offers an innovative seat with a fully reclining backrest and dual arm rests. It also features an air height adjustment, fore/aft slide adjustments (to position you closer or farther away from the steerling wheel) and fore/art isolator – lock/unlock feature. You’ll find the 200 series a vast improvement over the standard factory installed truck seat and you’ll notice a welcome difference in your driving comfort.

VIEW 200 Series Air Ride Seats   |   Download the 200L flyer for more details. (pdf file)

The 300 SERIES
This series offers everything the 200 series offers PLUS the following upgraded features:upper and lower air lumbar support (great for bad backs), side air bolster support, adjustable seat cushion extension, and an adjustable tilt.

The 300 LH is a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest.

VIEW 300 Series Air Ride Seats   |   Download the 300LH flyer for  more details. (pdf)

The 400 SERIES
The 400 series features everything from the 300 series plus two additional comfort options: 1) an adjustable shock absorber setting which lets you choose from 11 different settings (from soft to hard) so you can adjust your ride to road conditions. 2) heated seats – both bottom and back.

The 400 LH is a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest

VIEW 400 Series Air Ride Seats  |  Download 400L flyer here. (pdf file)

The 500 SERIES
The 500 series is the 400 series model with the addition of 2 new features: 1) memory height setting – simply adjust the seat to your preferred height initially and it automatically resets to that height each time you enter the truck. 2)  A quick release button allows you to dump and refill air with a one button push in/out.

Like the 300 and 400 series, the 500 series also offers the 500 LH -a mid-back profile seat with an adjustable independent headrest.

The 550 RH-BUS. This seat is for buses and has all of the controls on the ride hand side of the seat.

VIEW 500 Series Air Ride Seats  |  Download the 500L flyer for more details. (pdf file)

The 600 SERIES – All the bells and whistles!
The 600 series is available only in a premium natural leather. They’ve taken the 500 series and added one of our favorite features – a cool air ventilation system. This provides cool air throughout the backrest and bottom cushion and provides relief from hot sticky seats during the summer months.

View the 600 series. Download the 600L flyer here for more details.

For a quick side-by-side comparison of each of the series of air ride seats, we’ve put together the following chart so you can easily compare the features between each series.

Find the air ride truck seat that’s perfect for you at Ryder Fleet Products.  And enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders over $250.















Find a part number, cross reference a part, or ask a question by contacting our customer service team at 855.885.5631 or


Locate a Dayco Part Number in a Snap

Since the early 1900s Dayco has been an innovative, technology-driven company and a leader in the research, design, and manufacturing of belts, tensioners and pulleys.

Today, even their catalog application guide is using state-of-the-art technology – making it quicker and easier to locate a part number for your vehicle. From Dayco’s catalog application guide, you can search for a part number using a VIN number, license plate number, part number, competitor number or OE number. Results will include a complete list of Dayco parts available for your vehicle including specs, routing instructions, even installation videos.

Dayco Catalog Application Guide

The Dayco catolog application guide lets you search for a Dayco part using a VIN number, license plate number, part number, competitor number or OE number.

Once you have the part number, you can simply enter it in the search bar on the Ryder Fleet Products website (located at the top of each page of our website) and it will take you directly to that product. Just add it to your shopping cart, checkout, and your part will be on its way to you.

Dayco’s work on their catalog application guide won them the President’s Award for Catalog Excellence in the web catalog category at the National Catalog Managers Association (NCMA) awards. The NCMA recognizes the best examples of paper, web and mobile catalog applications and are judged based on their design, navigation, innovation, interactivity and quality of content.

Need a part number – not near a computer?
With Dayco’s mobile app, you can simply scan a VIN number directly from your vehicle for instant access to a list of Dayco parts and specs available for that vehicle. Access all the information you need – right from your phone. Right by your vehicle.

This app won Silver at the NCMA awards in the mobile catalog category, and was a 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice.

Download mobile app:


Ryder Fleet Products is a leading distributor of Dayco products and we carry a wide selection of items for heavy duty trucks. You’ll find truck belts, fuel hoses, truck belt tensioners, pulleys, V Belts, fan belts and serpentine belts. If you’re looking for Dayco, you’ll find it at Ryder Fleet Products. Click here to view all Dayco products 

We’re here to help
Find a part number, cross reference a part, or ask a question by contacting our customer service team at 855.885.5631or

With over 60,000 parts in inventory from over 400 suppliers, we’ll help you find just what you’re looking for.

2015 Indy Lights Series Selects PFC Brakes as Official Brake Supplier

PFC Brakes, a Ryder Fleet Products supplier, has been named the official brake supplier for the 2015 Indy Lights Series which will be featured on the new Dallara IL-15 car

PFC Brakes, a Ryder Fleet Products supplier, has been named the official brake supplier for the 2015 Indy Lights Series which will be featured on the new Dallara IL-15 car

PFC Brakes, a Ryder Fleet Products supplier, has been named the official brake supplier for the 2015 Indy Lights Series and will be featured on the new Dallara IL-15 car, which started testing in the summer of 2014. The new Performance Friction full brake package on the Dallara IL-15 utilizes purpose built, shape optimized 6-pot Monobloc calipers, PFC discs with patented slot pattern, and PFC CarbonMetallic © race pads. PFC Brakes supplies all 3 “Road to Indy” IndyCar Series along with winning more championships worldwide than all other brake suppliers combined.

The Indy Lights series has a rich history as a development platform for many of today’s top drivers and is a vital step for competitors to reach the pinnacle of open-wheel racing in America. The series boasts over 100 drivers as graduates including Marco Andretti, Helio Castroneves, Scott Dixon and Tony Kanaan.

Performance Friction Brakes –  BRED FROM RACING, MADE FOR STREET
Over 1500 championships have been won on PFC carbon metallic pads but fleet maintenance managers also declare them a winner because of their stopping power, safety, extended pad and rotor life and corrosion resistance. Performance Friction Corporation is known for their innovative brake solutions and is the standard of excellence in high-performance vehicles, commercial fleets and street vehicles.

If you are a truck or bus operator, you may have experienced a great deal of problems with tone ring corrosion causing loss of ABS signals. This can lead to the need for the fleet to change the rotors at very low mileage – the rotor is fine but the ABS tone ring has failed. Testing has shown mere coatings are ineffective in preventing this corrosion because of very high, sustained temperatures in the rotor hat.  Performance Friction Long Life Brake Rotors addresses this concern with a design created specifically to better handle the heat. This can translate into huge savings for the fleet in parts, labor and downtime. Download our cost savings calculator (Excel Spreadsheet).

With a strong emphasis on the environment, PFC brake pads are more than just asbestos-free – they contain no antimony, lead, chromium or potassium titanate – making them safe for the technician, the environment, and the driver.

Ryder Fleet Products carries a wide range of disc brake pads and brake rotors and can assist you in cross reference lists, application guides, pricing and more.

View, learn and shop on our website or contact our customer service team at 800-759-6479 or

Download the Brake Pad Tips pdf from PFC.  “Tips for a quieter, longer lasting brake pad.”


–          How to Prevent ABS Issues with Performance Friction Brake Rotors 

–          Getting More Value Out of Your Brake Pads   

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Airsource

MEI Corporation: AirSource Air Conditioning heavy duty truck parts

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Airsource

This month’s featured manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning parts for trucks such as cab air filters, additives, condensers, fans, blowers, driers, leak detectors, refrigerant charging kits, refrigerant gauges, air conditioner replacement parts, and AC tools. Airsource’s reputation and expertise in air conditioning parts for heavy-duty equipment is why Ryder Fleet products partnered with Airsource as preferred heavy duty truck parts supplier.

Airsource, in conjunction with MEI Corporation, is the largest after-marketer of heavy-duty air conditioning components in the United States. Specializing in products for Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, Airsource is the industry pioneer in the distribution of air conditioning components for heavy-duty equipment.

Ryder Fleet Products serves the needs for semi-trucks, light, medium & heavy duty trucks & tractor trailers trucks. Our extensive Airsource selection means instant access to air conditioning parts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because Ryder is the leading transportation company in the world, our bulk purchasing power with Airsource means we pass the savings on to our customers.

Nobody wants to be hot in their trucks this summer. Be sure to keep cool with a new Air Conditioning Compressor with 8 Grove Clutch from Airsource! This compressor has an improved clutch and bearing to provide longer service life than the standard air conditioning compressor, and is retro-compatible.

Act now! Don’t get caught in the heat!


Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Meritor

Meritor aftermarket truck parts


Featured Manufacturer of the Month: Meritor

This month’s featured manufacturer is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket replacement clutches, brake pads, calipers, truck starters, alternators, u-joints, driveline yokes, wheel seals, center support bearings, and brake rotors. With such an array for heavy-duty truck parts, Ryder Fleet Products feels that Meritor truck parts makes a great addition to their already impressive selection of heavy-duty truck parts.

Meritor has been delivering aftermarket truck parts solutions for light vehicles, commercial trucks, trailers, buses, and industrial vehicles globally for more than 100 years. Ryder Fleet Products carries products that are distributed by Meritor under the following names: Meritor and Euclid.

With online ordering, low prices and fast shipping, we offer unmatched service and can assist you in part number cross-reference lists, application guides, pricing and more. When looking for a Meritor heavy-duty truck part such as a clutch, brake pad, caliper, truck starter, alternator, u-joint, driveline yoke, wheel seal, center support bearing or brake rotor, Ryder Fleet Products is your choice for a large inventory and low prices.

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: TST Truck System Technologies

tst truck systems

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: TST Truck System Technologies

This month’s featured manufacturer is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of tire pressure monitoring systems. TST Truck System Technologies’ innovative and development of high-quality tire pressure monitoring systems for commercial trucks, heavy-duty vehicles, and Recreational Vehicles is why Ryder Fleet Products has partnered with TST to be one of their main distributors in North America.

These tire pressure sensors have a strong emphasis on preventing blowouts by alerting the driver through a flashing LED light, audible alarm, and alert icon that activates when the tire pressure or temperature exceeds present thresholds.

TST’s quality objective is based around taking their tire pressure monitoring systems and using them as life, fuel and property saving devices, while making them affordable to businesses and individuals alike – and they have done so.  That is why Ryder Fleet Products is happy to feature TST as this month’s featured manufacturer.

This month’s featured Products: TST Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Ryder Fleet Products carries a wide assortment of TST tire pressure monitoring systems to help you properly maintain your vehicle’s tire pressure. To help accomplish this, Ryder Fleet Products is happy to announce during the month of March, all TST tire pressure-monitoring products are available for 10% off by using the promo code “TST10OFF” at checkout. With every TST tire pressure monitoring purchase during March, TST will extend its two-year warranty to a three-year warranty (limited time only).


TST RV Tire pressure TST Tire Pressure 16 Sensor


Shop all TST tire pressure monitoring systems that Ryder Fleet Products carries.

The Importance of Backup Cameras

As technology improves within the automotive industry, a growing number of features once reserved for the high-end luxury vehicles market have become available for commercial fleet vehicles.  Chief among those is the backup camera, which gives drivers improved safety and helps prevent costly accidents.Safety Vision Backup Camera

You may feel that your interior and exterior review mirrors are adequate enough, but your vision is limited while using your mirrors due to the blind spots your vehicle creates.  A backup camera system not only provides you with added convenience, but it also provides you with full coverage while reversing out of driveways, alley ways or tight parking spots preventing serious accidents.  

In addition to improved safety, backup camera systems offer these additional benefits:

  • Prevention of backing up over someone
  • Hooking up a trailer 
  • Parallel parking
  • Reduced blind spots

Whether you drive a small delivery sedan or a large delivery truck, a backup camera system is a safety tool you need. Below are some backup camera capabilities to consider when making your purchase:

  • Image Sensor Technology:  There are two image sensors available on the market today. They are Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS). CCD provides the best picture, while CMOS provides the best functionality.
  • View Angle: The wider the camera view angle, the more coverage you will receive while backing up.
  • Weather-Proof:  How will the product stand up against Mother Nature? Is the backup camera placed in a housing that will withstand the elements of time?  You do not want to replace your backup camera system every year – That can get costly.Velvac Backup Camera
  • Electric Voltage Rating: Will the backup camera system work with your vehicle? Most backup camera systems should be able to support a fluctuation in voltage, but, it’s always a good idea to consult your vehicles manual in addition to the product instructions.
  • Audio Capability: Some backup camera systems have audio capabilities and some do not. If you are looking for one that has audio capability, be sure to examine the cameras casing to see how the microphone is protected and whether or not it is water-proofed.
  • Wired / Wireless: When deciding between a wired or wireless based backup camera system, you need to take into consideration the size of your vehicle and any other electronics on board. Larger commercial vehicles typically have more electronics on board that could potentially cause signal interference with wireless based backup camera system models. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless based backup camera system, you need to choose the option that is best suited to your driving needs.

Ryder Fleet Products carries multiple backup camera systems from Velvac and Safety Vision that can help eliminate those pesky blind spots while giving you piece of mind while driving. 

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: CRC Industries

CRC Logo

Featured Manufacturer of the Month: CRC Industries

This month’s featured manufacturer is a worldwide leader in the production of professional quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, fuel additives and brake parts cleaners.  CRC Industries’ innovative research and development team continually develops new and improved specialty chemicals which is why Ryder Fleet Products is one of the leading distributors of their cutting edge products.

CRC Industries leading products include fuel additives, brake cleaner, lithium grease, and silicon lubricant.   These products are sure to meet the needs of any maintenance and repair application. CRC Industries also has products available for other industries aside from automotive, including aviation and electrical.

CRC was founded in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with a single product.  Today the company’s products are sold throughout the US, Europe, South America and the Pacific Rim. CRC operates 12 facilities that produce more than 70 million cans of aerosol products each year.  CRC Industries provides a wealth of information on their website .  Whether you need help with lubricants and penetrants that your shop can’t do without or some cooling system maintenance tips, just like Ryder Fleet Products, CRC Industries gives helpful industry tips for logistics experts.

CRC Industries Quality Objectives include:

  • Maximize customer satisfaction through innovative products and excellent service.
  • Ensure cost-effective operations by improving productivity, reducing waste and providing a workplace free of recognized hazards.
  • Uphold systems to comply with statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Expand programs for effective training of employees to promote team awareness and competence.
  • Monitor and measure product and process characteristics to verify that requirements have been met.


This month’s featured product is: CRC Industries Diesel Fuel Conditioner 5 Gallon 

Click here to see all of the CRC Industries products that Ryder Fleet Products carries.