USA Made Jacks – Safe, Smart and American Made

Ryder® Fleet Products offers a wide variety of professional lifting equipment and carry both imported models and made in the USA models. With the July 4th holidays just around the corner, we decided to feature our made in the USA Jacks this month.

We regularly receive calls from customers inquiring about certain features of a jack – such as its’ capacity,  its’ material,  its  compliance with ASME/PALD, etc. But another popular question we frequently here is “Is it made in the USA?”

The country of origin  is an important consideration for many, and especially for military and government organizations. Some companies specify that a certain percentage of their purchases be made in the USA and want to know which products meet the requirements of the Buy American Act and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Other individuals, maintenance shops and fleets simply like to buy products made in America when they can.  We hope this guide will help with your choices of lifting equipment.

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